Welcome to Laurens County School District 55

3 months ago


Located in the heart of beautiful Laurens County, Laurens School District 55 has its administrative offices at 1029 West Main Street in Laurens, South Carolina.  Nestled between Greenville, Spartanburg, and Columbia, the area provides peaceful living combined with convenient access to some of the state's most important metropolitan centers, its beaches, or the mountains

Laurens County School District 55 strives to be a system of excellence and equity in educational practices for each learner.  You can be assured that your child will be attending a progressive school system whose educational programs are designed to meet a wide variety of interests, ability levels,  and cultural backgrounds.

Are you new to the district?  

Enrolling your child in the school system here is a relatively simple matter.  You should have signed a statement of release in the school district from which you have moved.  This enables District 55 to receive a copy of your child's records from that school system.  If you did not do this before relocating, someone at the school to which your child is assigned in District 55 will be glad to assist you.  Take your child's previous report cards and other school records that you may have with you. 

All children entering school in this state must meet South Carolina immunization requirements.  These should be in your child's records from his/her previous school.  If you are moving from another state, a copy of a state issued birth certificate (not a hospital birth form) is required.  Please be mindful that the transfer of your child should be as expedient as possible to ensure the continuity of his/her learning process and to conform to the South Carolina attendance requirements.   
Links providing additional information for those new to the community
A Message from the Superintendent  
Directory of Schools and Programs
Laurens, SC

District Receives Recommendation for Accreditation      

19 days ago

Added 11/12/15

In a special called meeting on Wednesday, November 11, the District 55 Board of Trustees heard a very favorable report from Patricia Golding, Chairperson of an AdvancED External Review Team.  The five-member team of education professionals conducted a three-day thorough review of the district’s impact of teaching and learning on student performance, the capacity of leadership to guide and ensure effectiveness in carrying out strategic direction of the district, and the utilization of resources to meet diverse needs of students and the district.  The team’s findings will be used as a tool for formative analysis and continuous improvement in the district. Upon completion of the intensive review process, team members compiled data and issued the district an overall Index of Education Quality (IEQ) score of 307.80.  This exceeds the AdvancED Network Average IEQ score of 278.34, an average determined by data from over 32,000 institutions serving 20 million students worldwide.  After presenting the team’s findings, Golding reported, “The External Review Team recommends to the AdvancED Accreditation Commission that Laurens County School District 55 earn the distinction of accreditation by AdvancED.” 

Following the recommendation announcement, District 55 Superintendent Billy Strickland noted his appreciation of the commitment and hard work of school and district staff members, as well as the support of the community - - all factors in the positive results of the review.  “I am very proud of this district and community for working together to provide a quality public school system for our students.  Together, we will remain focused on our mission to love, serve, and care for those around us.  District 55 maintains our vision of being a system of excellence and equity in educational practices for each learner.” 

The External Review Team consisted of education professionals from Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.  In addition to Dr. Golding, team members included Julie Von Frank, Robbie Binnicker, Shawn Clemons, and Louis Martin.   

The AdvancED accreditation process is an international protocol for institutions committed to systemic, systematic, and sustainable improvement. 

Act 155 - High School Exit Exam Elimination

19 days ago

Added 11/9/15

Act 155 (H. 3919) passed by the General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Nikki R. Haley on April 14, 2014, states in part “Beginning with the graduating class of 2015, students are no longer required to meet the exit examination requirements set forth in in this section and State Regulation to earn a South Carolina high school diploma."

A person who is no longer enrolled in a public school and who previously failed to receive a high school diploma or was denied graduation solely for failing to meet the exit exam requirements may petition the local school board to determine the student’s eligibility to receive a high school diploma. The elimination of the exit exam (BSAP, HSAP) requirement is retroactive to the graduating class of 1990. The local school board will transmit diploma requests to the South Carolina Department of Education in accordance with Department procedures, which are included below. Petitions under this section must be submitted to the local school board by December 31, 2015.

Persons eligible to receive a South Carolina high school diploma under these provisions must have met all other graduation requirements at the time of his or her high school attendance. All eligible candidates' names must be verified and submitted by the local school board. The Department will not accept requests directly from a diploma candidate. Petitions should be directed to the local school board based upon the high school that the eligible candidate attended. The process for completing petitions will vary according to local district policy, however all petitions must be received by school boards no later than December 31, 2015.

The South Carolina Department of Education will begin processing requests from local school boards as soon as possible. Since this law applies to the graduating class of 2015, students in the graduating class of 2014 who are denied graduation solely for failing to meet the exit exam requirement may petition their local school board for a high school diploma as soon as they are no longer enrolled in public school, as outlined in the law.

Additional information is available by contacting Mrs. Nancy Coleman, Director of Guidance at Laurens District 55 High School.  The following link provides a form that is required in order to submit a petition.  The form should be completed, signed, and returned to Mrs. Coleman by December 31, 2015.  PLEASE NOTE THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION THAT MUST ACCOMPANY THE FORM.  

Diploma Petition Form



Vision, Mission, Beliefs, Expectations

5 months ago

The vision, mission, and belief statements of Laurens School District 55 are the guiding principles on which all system decisions are made.  These principles are the basis of the district's strategic plan and also determine priorities for the use of funds, program initiatives, personnel directions, professional development, and facility needs.  All of this aids the district in meeting the needs of each learner and providing equal opportunities for success.  In an effort to maintain the district's vision of being a system of excellence and equity in educational practices for each learner, District 55 works diligently to ensure that all planning, goal setting, and evaluation of programs are centered on high expectations and the continuous improvement of students.  District administrators make every effort to stay abreast of innovative programs, resources, and best practices designed to enhance student learning and system effectiveness.  

Vision Statement 

Laurens County School District 55 will be a system of excellence and equity in educational practices for each learner. 

Mission Statement

The mission of Laurens County School District 55 is to create a community of learners who are responsible and productive citizens.

Belief Statements 

In District 55, we believe that . . .

  • Children are our most valuable resource. 
  • Every individual can learn and can be successful.
  • Every individual can make a valuable contribution to society.
  • The total education of our children is the shared responsibility of our students, parents, schools, community, and government.
  • The family is the primary influence in the development of an individual.
  • A diversified education strengthens individuals and society.
  • Every individual deserves to be treated with dignity, fairness, and respect.
  • Each individual has different needs and deserves equal opportunities for success in learning.
  • Excellence is achievable through high expectations and continuous improvement.
  • All students have the right to learn in a safe, clean, and comfortable environment.
  • Learning is a life-long process.
  • All students deserve a relevant and challenging education that prepares them for the future.
  • All system decisions will be based on data to meet the needs of our students. 


Laurens County School District 55 expects . . . 

  • every individual to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • everyone to accept responsibility for maintaining a safe, clean, and orderly environment in order to optimize learning opportunities.
  • every staff member to work to improve communication in order to increase awareness of and involvement in our continuous improvement efforts.
  • our schools to provide a rigorous and relevant curriculum based on best practices for each student as outlined by the district, state, and nation.
  • all staff to make every moment matter in order to provide each student with an excellent educational opportunity. 

School Emergencies

about 1 month ago

Emergency Preparedness

The information that parents provide is vital.  Schools need accurate contact information and emergency names and numbers throughout the school year. 

If you see suspicious or potentially dangerous activity in or around the school, notify the school.  

School Actions

Students and staff will exit an unsafe building.  The evacuation site may be outside the school building or a relocation site as determined by the principal.  Some dangerous situations may call for students and staff to remain inside the school building. 

What to do during a School Emergency

In an emergency situation, please get information and news alerts from the following sources:

Laurens School District 55, 864-984-3568

Laurens School District 55 Website, www.laurens55.org

WLBG-AM Radio Station 860


WYFF Channel 4 and WSPA Channel 7 Television Stations

Parent Reunification Procedures

Information may be sent to parents by phone, email, and/or text message.  Use the communication resources listed above to get information.  Provide your photo ID when picking up your child during an emergency.  Follow directions from emergency responders and school personnel. 

Safety Plan Summary

The top priority of Laurens School District #55 is the safety and security of students, staff, and schools.  The summary below is a general overview of the district emergency plan, which is reviewed and improved on a regular basis. 

The district emergency plan outlines the roles and responsibilities of the district's and schools' crisis management teams and procedures to follow when responding to various kinds of emergencies. 

  • Fire and other emergency drills are conducted regularly for student practice. 
  • Facilities and playgrounds are inspected for hazards throughout the school year and summer.
  • Buildings and grounds are equipped with surveillance equipment, controlled access points, safety devices, and communication equipment. 
  • Video cameras on school buses are monitored on a regular basis. 
  • Schools have separate traffic areas for buses and cars and work cooperatively with law enforcement to ensure the safest road and parking arrangements are in place for drop-off and pick-up of students.
  • Each school has a full-time school resource officer on site.
  • Each school has a full-time nurse.
  • The district uses a thorough application and training process and background check system for all volunteers.
  • The district collaborates with local police and sheriffs' departments to identify effective response strategies for safety threats.
  • Schools have safety committees to regularly review and improve procedures.
  • All schools register the school address and receive notifications of sex offenders who reside within a designated distance of the school.
  • The school board has adopted policies establishing the district's code of student conduct and discipline to achieve and maintain order in the schools.
  • District employees are trained in basic safety practices.
  • Professional development in emergency response strategies is provided for staff members.
  • Adult and child first aid/CPR/AED training is provided to a number of staff at each school.
  • Emergency response staff members attend professional development opportunities to keep abreast of best practices. 
  • Systems are in place for instant communication with the community and parent home phones/cell phones and email.
  • Up-to-date records are maintained on student attendance and dismissal.
  • Precautions are taken quickly to ensure student safety.
  • Authorities are contacted immediately when an emergency occurs. 

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