Jim Lollis

Jim Lollis, Chief Financial Officer

The Finance Department

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Finance Procedures Manual - 2020

The finance office oversees the collaborative efforts, communications, planning, and external reviews to ensure that financial resources are allocated in support of the school district's vision, programs, services, and plans for continuous improvement.   Quality education is provided through precise planning and budgeting by the school district and the community. 

The Laurens District 55 Finance Office is responsible for matters pertaining to accounts payable, accounts receivable, employee payroll, Workers' Compensation, financial audits, and monitoring of all district revenues and expenditures.  In addition, the  finance office develops and administers the district's annual budget at the direction of the superintendent and approval of the board of trustees.  

The finance office is in the District 55 Administrative Office located at 301 Hillcrest Drive in Laurens.  You may reach the business office by phone at 864-984-3568 or by fax at 864-984-8117. 

Financial Transparency

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In accordance with South Carolina Law Section 1.43 of Part 1.B of the Appropriations Act of 2009 (Act No. 23 of 2009), Laurens County School District 55 posts General Fund non-salary expenditures as well as credit card statements each month.  

Financial Transparency Past Years