Forms and Policies

Acceptable Use Policies

Below are the acceptable use policies for the use of the internet, e-mail, networks, computers, and in authoring web pages.  Technology is a vital part of education and the curriculum of the school district. In an effort to promote learning and expand educational resources for students, the district will provide access to technology resources contingent upon adherence to this policy, administrative rules and related guidelines. The school district will provide students and employees with access to the district’s technology resources including, but not limited to, computer systems, media and peripheral devices. Users of these systems have certain responsibilities in the use of these resources which are described in the documents available below.

Technology Resources (Internet)
Technology Resources (E-Mail)
Technology Resources (Network and Computers)
Technology Resources (Web Pages)

Web Page Guidelines

Guidelines for Web Pages

School and Section Editors

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Version 4, 04/03/2009, Department of Technology

Laurens School District 55 requires schools to have websites and requests individual teachers create their own websites. The intent of these sites is to provide information about curriculum, instruction, school activities, and other general information relating to the class, school, or District. All users must adhere to the department of technology’s general guidelines for Web pages [IFBGA-R(4), Technology Resources (Web Pages)].  All school, district, and employee web pages will reside on the District’s Schoolwires web server.  Principals or their designee should review sites routinely for compliance with the policy and guidelines.


Policy: IJNDB, Technology Resources

            Adopted 8/26/96; Revised 10/22/01, 2/23/09

Rule:    IJNDB-R(4), Technology Resources (Web Pages)

            Issued 8/26/96, Revised 10/22/01, 9/26/05, 2/23/09

Personal Technology Equipment

Connecting Devices to District Technology Resources

District Approved Software Downloads

District Technology has approved the following programs for download, and the web sites needed to download these programs should not be blocked.  Any additional software that is needed should be requested to be added to the approved list by emailing theDirector of Technology

  • Adobe Acrobat and upgrades

  • Adobe Flash player and upgrades

  • Microsoft Windows updates and patches

  • Microsoft Office updates and patches

  • Firefox Web browser and updates

  • Chrome Web Browser and updates

  • Google Earth

  • Google Sketchup (the state has provided a license to the Pro version)

  • Google Picassa

The following software is approved for download, but the use of this software is not supported by district technology staff.  If you choose to download and install the software, you will need to be ready to read about it and troubleshoot it yourself.  See the SC Dept. of Education website,, for additional recommendation.

[NOTE:  Sites often change the servers they use to deliver files, so we have to change our blocking rules frequently.  Please notify us if these links change or no longer work.]

Disposal of Technology

Disposal of Technology Equipment and Protection of Data       

Technology Equipment in the district is covered by a replacement cycle schedule.  Computers are generally replaced on a five year cycle.  Switches, servers, and printers are reviewed for replacement yearly and evaluated for replacement based on utilization and performance.   

School and district equipment that have been replaced will usually be retained in the school storage location for pickup by electronic equipment recyclers.  The district contracts with private companies that accept responsibility under EPA and DHEC regulations with regards to recycling of hazardous materials as well assume responsibility for sanitizing all data contained in the recycled products memory, hard drives, or other storage devices.  Letters of destruction are received and maintained on file.   

Laurens County School District 55 uses a state contracted company called Intelligent Lifecycle Solutions, 110 Kelly St. Williston, SC 29853. All computer equipment is picked up and recycled with a supporting certificate of Recycling. All floppy disks, CD's, and DVD's should be shredded if they contain sensitive or confidential data.  If the school does not have access to do this, the storage devices can be sent to the Technology Department.   Thumb drives (Flash drives) should be erased and turned in to technology for destruction.