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about 1 year ago

Technology Makes Learning Fun!

Laurens 55 Technology Department's goal is to support instructional, administrative, and operational use of technology appropriate to the mission and goals of the school district.  
The Technology staff is committed to supporting the educational mission of Laurens County School District 55. We aim to continually provide innovative solutions to the complex array of problems that surface in an educational environment. Additionally, we strive to provide maximum up-time to our users as well as resolve both hardware and software problems in a timely manner.

Technology Staff

PowerSchool Training Docs

over 5 years ago

Parent Template for PowerSchool to Excent Upload (Edit in Wordpad)
Below are the Quick Reference Guides for the courses offered on-line and during the classroom training held in Sept.-Oct. of 2009.
Covers searches, exports, labels, student selection.
Enrolling new students, transfer out of school, re-enroll  students, making a family match.
Adding courses, modifying master schedule, add/drop
a class to schedule, mass enroll, work with special 
Adding courses, modifying master schedule, add/drop 
a class to schedule, mass enroll, work with special programs. Enrolling student  in another school.
View, find absences, check to see if teachers have taken attendance, update attendance, search chronic problems,
various reports.
View, find absences, check to see if teachers have taken attendance, update attendance, search chronicd problems, various reports. 
Mailing labels, reports, form letters, report cards, 
import and export reports, Daily bulletin.
Working with staff, teacher schedules, behavior and
discipline, At-Risk report, view academic records, 
viewing teacher gradebook data.
Entering transcripts, changing Historical Grades, 
entering test scores, searches, various reports.
How to export data from Powerschool to Excel.

District Email

about 1 year ago

District email belongs to the school district and email should not be considered private.  It can be accessed for Freedom of Information requests, eDiscovery, or administrative reasons.   Email is provided by the district for business use.

How to set up a smartphone:

iPhone  (there are several ways to set this up, but this way is the only one that gives you full functionality.)
 Open Settings, then open Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.  Select Add an Account, then 
Microsoft Exchange (IOS 3.0 only allows one Exchange mail server).  In the Email field, enter your full email address.  [Do not download the Google App or choose GMAIL from the menu of email types]

If you use IOS version 6 or higher:  Open Settings, then open Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.  Select 
Add an Account, then Microsoft Exchange (IOS 3.0 only allows one Exchange mail server).  In the Email
field, enter your full email address.Enter your Google Account password as the Password. Press Next 
at the top of your screen.  Enter in the Server field.  Leave the Domain field blank. Enter
your FULL email address as the Username. Press Next at the top of your screen again.

If you use older versions of IOS:  
Leave the Domain field blank. Enter your full Google Account email address as the Username.  Enter
your Google Account password as the Password.  Tap Next at the top of your screen.  Choose Cancel 
if the Unable to Verify Certificate dialog appears.  When the new Server field appears, 
enter  To access, set the language to English (US).  Press Next at the top
of your screen again. 

Example screen images for steps above. 


add exchange server
enter Exchange server for Gmail
You can select to sync Calendar, Contacts, and/or Mail.  I recommend you start with Mail - add calendar if you like.  If you want to include contacts, look at the contacts in your email account because you may not want all of these on your phone/tablet.  I  recommend you not do contacts yet.  It will sync your personal address book and your frequent contacts address book.  There are three options for keeping your contacts synced.  You can keep your device's contacts and sync just your My Contacts group, you can sync only Google Contacts and wipe your device's contacts, or you can merge your contacts via iTunes and sync only the contacts that stream with your phone.  Google's instructions are here.
How to set up the Android smartphone
Google produces Android phones, so full functionality is built in for this in all Android phones.

Benefits of the Google Enterprise for Schools Email System which Our District Uses.

  • Excellent email system with many features
  • More powerful calendar
  • Word processing and spreadsheet online
  • Collaboration tools
  • Saves the district money and time
  • Provides Google Dive with a great deal of secure storage to store with ability to share files
  • Reliable and secure - it always works
  • Connects with smartphones, tablets,  laptops, and desktops 
  • Green!  Reduces the district's environmental footprint

Technology Plan

over 5 years ago

This three-year district technology plan is designed to guide the implementation of technology in the district.  Students will be provided opportunities to utilize a variety of technology as part of their learning, and will increase their level of technological competency.  There will be a significant concentration on assuring updated equipment and providing teachers with laptops, projectors, interactive whiteboards, and other instructional technology.  Students will be allowed to use their own and district mobile devices, and will participate in one-to-one initiative in grades 9-12.  The wireless infrastructure and upgraded switches will be purchased and installed to support these uses.  In order to integrate this technology into instruction, professional development will be offered and a comprehensive system will be used to promote technology competency.  Web sites and other innovative electronic means will be used to improve community and parental communications.  Two district technology coaches will rotate between schools and a stipend-based coach will be selected in each school.  A comprehensive information technology department will provide technical support to operational and instructional programs.  The district will also maintain robust networks and internet connectivity, as well as an extensive range of security systems and processes to protect resources and confidential data.  Administration, operations, and other supporting services will be provided required resources, upgrades, and communication systems to effectively and efficiently meet their assigned mission.

The Technology Plan will be evaluated yearly and modified as needed.

Technology Plan:  July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2018     pdf

Technology Coaches

about 1 year ago

School Technology Coaches

Each school has one or more instructional staff assigned the role of Technology Coach who has the additional duties of providing on-site support to teachers and administrators with the primary goal of helping integrate technology into instruction.  They also are the school contact for all issues relating to the Teacher Technology Competencies.


Jeff Brink
Jeff Brink-District Technology Coach

Robert Sherer, District Technology Coach


Sherri Sherer (LDHS)

Mrs. Sherer

Shirley Pennington (LDHS)


 Vicky Culbertson (Sanders Middle)


Michele Spires (Gray Court-Owings)

Bagley Photo

Kathy Butler  (Laurens Middle)


Angela Bates (Ford School)


Wilma Tribble (E. B. Morse)


     Anna Barker(Hickory Tavern)

Jeff Brink



Kayla Patterson (Waterloo)

Ami Hardy (Laurens Elementary)


Chromebook Info for Students -- COVID-19

3 months ago

By Jim Iacuone

Need help ?

Just email The Department of Technology.

Edmentum Issues ?

If you are experiencing issues with Edmentum please clear the browsing data on your Chromebook to resolve the issue.

Clearing Browsing Data

1) Click the three dots at the top right.
2) Click History.
3) Click History on the pop-out menu.
4) Click Clear browsing data on the left.  
5) Set the time range to All time.
6) Note the browsing history option is grayed out.  That is on purpose.  
6) Make sure cookies and other site data is checked.
7) Make sure cached images and files is checked.
8) Click on Clear data.
9) Close all open tabs.
10) Relaunch Chrome to see if the problem is resolved.

If the problem is not resolved Edmentum wants students and parents to call them directly.  
Please call:

1 (800) 419-3191 

option 9 for Support then 
option 1 for Courseware

Chromebook Damaged or Defective ?

If you Chromebook is accidentally damaged  or defective please contact the Dept. of Technology for a replacement.

Please include the student's name and school as well as any necessary contact information.


Issues with Clever ?

If you are having issues with please contact the Dept. of Technology.

Please include the student's name and school as well as any necessary contact information.