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Joe R. Adair Outdoor Education Center 

The purpose of the Joe R. Adair Outdoor Education Center is to serve as a learning center for children and adults in Laurens County.  Instruction at the center focuses on the natural sciences and soil and water conservation. Located at 110 Scout Creek Court, The Joe R. Adair Outdoor Education Center opened on March 22, 1996.  Since that time, thousands of students and their teachers have experienced "hands on" education at the center. Nestled in a wooded area off  Parkview Drive behind Collyar Park in Laurens, the site for the Joe R. Adair Outdoor Education Center features 8.24 acres of mature hardwoods, colorful wild flora, and a winding creek.  American beech, yellow poplar, and a hodgepodge of other hardwood trees and vegetation flourish in this habitat, as Scout Creek meanders through a ridge of varying elevations to create a moist and fertile bottomland.  

The property, given to the Soil Conservation District in 1992 as a gift by retired Soil Conservation Service employee Joe Adair, also includes an office and classroom building, an amphitheater, nature trails, picnic area, and a Native American area.  In addition, an authentic Laurens County log cabin, which dates back to the 1800's, was donated and carefully relocated to the center property.  The log cabin site features a pioneer setting, including a garden. 

By Lisa Wilson

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