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Chromebook Info for Students -- COVID-19

By Jim Iacuone

Need help ?  Having an issue ?

Please contact your teacher.  They may have easy solution for you. If not they will submit a technology support request for you to get the issue resolved.

Edmentum Issues ?

If you are experiencing issues with Edmentum please clear the browsing data on your Chromebook to resolve the issue.

Clearing Browsing Data

1) Click the three dots at the top right.
2) Click History.
3) Click History on the pop-out menu.
4) Click Clear browsing data on the left.  
5) Set the time range to All time.
6) Note the browsing history option is grayed out.  That is on purpose.  
6) Make sure cookies and other site data is checked.
7) Make sure cached images and files is checked.
8) Click on Clear data.
9) Close all open tabs.
10) Relaunch Chrome to see if the problem is resolved.

If the problem is not resolved Edmentum wants students and parents to call them directly.  
Please call:

1 (800) 419-3191 

option 9 for Support then 
option 1 for Courseware

Chromebook Damaged or Defective ?

If you Chromebook is accidentally damaged  or defective please contact your teacher. They will submit a technology support request for you.


Issues with Clever ?

If you are having issues with please contact your teacher. They will submit a technology support request for you

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