Support Staff of the Year 2018-2019

4 years ago

2018-2019 District Support Staff Member of the Year

Anna Coleman,

Sanders Middle School


2018-2019 Support Staff Members of the Year

Front row - Albert Sharp, District Maintenance; Sabrina Conley, Laurens Middle School; Heather Morris, Laurens Elementary School; Malissa Crocker, Hickory Tavern School; Alicia Gagin, Gray Court-Owings School; Miriam Waters, Ford Elementary School; Jan Skinner, E.B. Morse Elementary School
Back row - Kayla Patterson, Waterloo Elementary School; Angel Tollison, Student Nutrition; Anna Coleman, Sanders Middle School; Kassdearl Smith, Laurens Preparatory Academy

Support Staff of the Year 2017-2018

5 years ago

2017-2018 District Support Staff Member of the Year 

Cosmas Dickey,

Sanders Middle School


Shirley McQuerns

E.B. Morse Elementary School

Mirella Jones

Ford Elementary School 

Joyce Dorrah

Gray Court-Owings School 

Penny Tavenner

Hickory Tavern School

Mitchell Busby

Laurens District 55 High School

Jennifer Darling

Laurens Elementary School

Rhonda Lynch

Laurens Middle School

Ketorius Patterson


Kassdearl Smith

Preparatory Academy

Tracy Craine

Student Nutrition Services

Cedell Hill 


Amy James

Waterloo Elementary School