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Student Transportation

Student Transportation

LCSD 55 provides school bus transportation to eligible students within the boundaries provided for by federal and state funds and state board of education regulations.  Information about bus transportation for students is available at the time of registration or at any time upon request.  The district operates state-owned buses for transporting students to and from school.  District-owned activity buses are used for athletics, field trips, and other special events.The district adheres to applicable rules and regulations relative to the routing and operation of the transportation system.    

Click here to determine the bus for your address.

Responsible student behavior is extremely important on the bus to ensure the safety of all passengers.  Bus drivers must maintain focus on highway safety.  Video surveillance is used on buses to monitor behavior and may be used as evidence in disciplinary or legal proceedings.  Bus transportation is a privilege that can be suspended or revoked if a student’s behavior violates the discipline code, or creates or contributes to an unsafe condition.  See pages 21-22 for additional information.  See School Bus Rules here.

 Pursuant to state law, the following guidelines are used when establishing bus routes:   

·      Students who live within one and one-half miles of their school will not be provided bus transportation unless the area is deemed to have hazardous walking conditions. 

·      Bus stops are spaced at least two-tenths of one mile apart unless hazardous conditions warrant a stop at a safe point as determined by the district.

·      Students living less than three-tenths of one mile from a main road must meet the bus at an established safe point. 

 There must be someone at the bus stop to receive and to supervise students dropped off on mid-day and special needs routes.  Without the presence of someone to assume responsibility and provide supervision, the student will be returned to school and the parent/guardian will be notified. If the parent/guardian or other emergency contact cannot be located, law enforcement will be notified. In the event of a student injury involving a school bus, the bus transportation director must be notified immediately at 864-682-9117. 

This link will provide you with additional information about student transportation in the district.  

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