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Student Medication

All prescription and over-the-counter medications must be registered by the parent/guardian with the school nurse or main office.  Medication may not be transported by students on the school bus. If there is no other way to get the medication to school, a parent/guardian must contact the school nurse to make arrangements.  All medication must be in the original container with original labels and directions for dosage. Any student who is to have prescription medication administered at school must provide a form signed by the prescribing physician and parent/guardian. Any student who is to have non-prescription medication administered at school must provide a form signed by the parent/guardian.  Forms are available here and at the school.  

Chronic Illness

The school nurse should be notified as soon as possible about chronic illnesses.  A chronic illness is defined as sickness of long duration or frequent recurrence that necessitates absence from school. A parent/guardian may obtain a chronic or extended illness verification form to take to their child’s physician.  The form must be renewed each year and signed by the child’s physician verifying a chronic illness.  Chronic illness forms cover only absences due to the illness/disease specified by the student’s physician.  A note from a parent/guardian must be sent to school each time the student is absent due to the chronic illness.  This form does not excuse the student from any assignment missed during absences.  All missed work/assignments should be made up. 

Help Protect the Health of Your Child and Others 

This brochure lists the illnesses for which a child must be kept out of school or childcare. It tells you if your child needs a doctor’s note or medical treatment to come back to school or childcare after certain illnesses. If you have any questions about the School and Childcare Exclusion List, please contact your child’s school, childcare or your local health department.


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