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Laurens County School District 55

Office of Programs for Students with Disabilities

301 Hillcrest Drive, Laurens, SC 29360


From Within the District:

When a student transfers from one school in District 55 to another school within the district, both the sending school and the receiving school bear responsibility for assuring that special education services are not interrupted. If the receiving school wishes to amend the IEP, a formal IEP meeting must be scheduled - notify Special Education District Staff. If the receiving school can deliver the IEP as written, no formal meeting is required.

From Outside the District:

When a student transfers into the district and is reported to be a student with an identified disability, including Speech, (IEP in previous district), the receiving school must ensure that special education and related services, as appropriate, are made available to the student IMMEDIATELY upon enrollment as stated in IDEA 04. If parent/guardian is unable to confirm disability or program model, the school guidance counselor must make reasonable efforts to contact the previous district to confirm eligibility and services needed to provide a comparable program.

The guidance counselor will complete “Transfer Referral” form, which includes signature of parent/guardian, to acknowledge that Laurens School District 55 will provide services comparable to those in previous school setting. The Transfer Referral packet will also include signed “Notification” and “Consent” for Medicaid forms and Parent Authorization to Release/Obtain/Use Information. This packet will be forwarded to the Special Education District Office Staff and, in addition, will include a copy of the IEP and any special education records provided by parents and/or previous school of attendance. If these records are not provided by parent, the school counselor will telephone, e-mail, or fax a request to the previous district without delay. When those records are received, they are to be forwarded to Special Education District Office Staff so that an IEP meeting can be scheduled.

Transfer Forms:
Transfer Referral-Print on GREEN Paper. Updated November 2021
Parental Authorization to Release Info, Updated July 2020
Medicaid Forms to be Signed Upon Enrollment for Transfer Students:
IDEA Medicaid Consent Form- Page 2 of 2, Revised June 2016
  •  Directions for printing Consent for Medicaid Reimbursement in Enrich
Review and Acceptance of Psychological and/or Speech Evaluation Form Revised July 2020
  •  School Psychologist and/or Speech-Language Therapists - use form to review evaluation data from sending district

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