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Student Support Team


The Student Support Team (SST) is a school-based, decision-making, problem-solving team.

The SST is designed to assist educators in the development of learning and intervention strategies for students who are experiencing problems. The SST is designed to provide support for the students who are showing significant academic, behavior and/or social difficulties.


The SST chairperson has the following responsibilities:

•  Scheduling the meeting and inviting the necessary persons

•  Ensuring that information about the student is brought to the meeting

•  Ensuring the orderly functioning of the meeting

•  Ensuring that required signatures are obtained for SST documentation

•  Ensuring that intervention strategies are documented

•  Maintaining a register of SST referrals

•  Scheduling follow-up meetings (see Google Invitation video for a tutorial in creating meetings in google and Google Meet Invitation video for a tutorial in creating a virtual meeting in Google).

•  Organizing and transferring IDEA referral information to the Special Education District Staff.

Overview of Student Support Team Meetings:

At the initial meeting, the team will review documented information from the referral source and review strategies he/she has implemented to effect academic/behavior change. The team will recommend additional interventions for the referral source to implement.

At subsequent SST meetings, the team will review the effectiveness of the interventions. At this time, further recommendations may be made, or the team may agree that no further action is required.

The amount of time between the initial meetings and the follow-up meetings should be sufficient to allow for the implementation of interventions.

The Student Support Team referral and any team documentation are to be kept by the Student Support Team chairperson in a secure location and should not be placed in the student’s cumulative file.


The Student Support Team members are required to keep information discussed in the Student Support Team meetings confidential. They may discuss the referral only with other team members who are working with the student.

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