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OT and PT Employee Forms

Occupational Therapists and Educational Needs/Related Services for Eligible Students:

An occupational therapist focuses on a person's daily occupation. Occupation, as described by an occupational therapist, is anything thatperson does during their everyday life that is important and meaningful to them. A child's main occupations are play and school. A school-based occupational therapist assessed fine motor skills needs in the school/classroom setting in order to determine if a student requires OT as a related service in order to reach their maximum potential at school. In a school setting, the occupational therapist may be involved in facilitating one or more of the following areas, which may interfere with a child's educational performance: - self-help skills (feeding, dressing, hygiene);- fine and visual motor skills(handwriting, keyboarding, cutting);    - sensory processing and visual processing skills; - positional, functional mobility, and transitions;   - functional communication through alternative methods;- adaptive devices/equipment(adapting tools/techniques to ensure success); and - educational tools/toys use (working towards developmental milestones).

Federal law mandates that occupational therapy (OT) in the school system be educationally relevant. School-based occupational therapy services are not designed to satisfy the medical needs of the student, butrather to meet the educational needs of the student. The child's IEP team may determine whether a child qualifies for OT based on individualized assessment data. L55 OSES employs a Lead OT and COTAs to provide related services for students in the L55 District found eligible for school-based OT. 

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