The ultimate goal of the Department is to enhance teaching and learning by providing stakeholders with information and data essential to making informed decisions necessary to facilitate student achievement.

The Department of Federal Programs, Accountability, Assessment, and Professional Development offers support to the school leaders and district personnel by providing data, professional development, and training with the intent to better inform data-driven decisions. Throughout the year, the Department facilitates processes to meet internal and external accountability measures.

Other departmental functions include ensuring the effective implementation of the district’s testing program. We provide training and support for district and state assessments, test security, as well as compliance with all testing regulations.

English Language Learners (ELL)

21 days ago

Laurens County School District 55 supports the academic needs of our English Language Learners (ELL) students through various opportunities within the school.  These may include pull-out programs, push-in programs, tutoring, and support for mainstreamed students and teachers.  Upon enrollment, a home language survey is completed by the student or parent to determine if there is the influence of a language other than English.  

If a language other than English is identified in any of the survey responses, the student will be identified as a potential ELL student.  A language assessment is conducted by the ESOL teacher within ten days to determine language dominance and proficiency levels. 

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21 days ago

Laurens County School District #55 implements and supports district, state, and national assessments in an effort to achieve higher student academic success.  Assessment results are utilized to provide more individualized instruction for students, building on personal strengths and abilities.  Parental support is an integral part of assessment and serves as the basis of our students' growth towards becoming more productive adults.  

2022-2023 Assessment Calendar

State Report Cards

21 days ago

South Carolina District and School Report Cards  

Follow this link for information on South Carolina's school districts and public elementary, middle, and high schools.  Information includes test performance, teacher qualifications, student safety, awards, parent involvement, and much more.    

A district and school report card is just one piece of information, that, when combined with a student's individual state test results and report card grades, gives parents a more accurate picture of their children's academic experience.