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South Carolina Retirement System

Plan Now for the Future

All permanent employees are required to join one of the two South Carolina Retirement Plans:

SCRS - a defined benefit plan - retirement benefit is based on years of service and twelve highest quarter earnings. 

ORP - a defined contribution plan - retirement is based on how well investments grow.

Basic Retirement Plan - The South Carolina Retirement System (SCRS) offers the option of a defined benefit plan to all Laurens School District 55 employees. All employees -- except bus drivers, temporary employees, and substitutes -- are required to contribute at the specified rate of 8.16% as of July 1, 2015.  Employee contributions are on a pre-tax basis. Benefits and vesting rights are defined by SCRS.   For details, visit PEBA Retirement Benefits.                                              

Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) - The State Optional Retirement Plan is another option available to Laurens School District 55 employees.  The ORP is a defined contribution plan administered by four contracted investment providers.  





 SCRS Beneficiary Form 

Enrollment is required within 30 days of the hire date. Employees that do not make an election within 30 days will be defaulted into SCRS.

Click here to view “It’s Your Choice” video. 

Full-time and part-time employees may elect to participate in a variety of voluntary, tax-deferred retirement programs offered through the district via payroll deduction.

South Carolina Deferred Compensation 401k and 457

When planning for retirement, you should consider your eligibility for Social Security and Medicare benefits.  Information is available on the Social Security Administration’s website.  

Social Security Administration


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