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Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning Dr. Ameca C. Thomas
Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning                                                                                                                                                                                                              Dr. Ameca C. Thomas
Welcome to the Teaching and Learning Department in Laurens County School District 55.


4 months ago

read to succeed

The South Carolina Read to Succeed Act which became law in 2014 aims to improve literacy and reading proficiency for all children in our state.  This law includes significant changes regarding the promotion and retention of third grade students.  Click the link below for more information

By Kathryn Black

Response to Intervention (RtI)

4 months ago

Response to Intervention (RtI) is a general education framework that provides structure for schools to provide all students with research-based, differentiated, high quality multi-tiered systems of support and instruction. The process identifies students with academic or behavioral needs and thus provides specific, targeted interventions to match the needs. For the initial implementation during the 2017-18 school year efforts will be focused on elementary schools in the subject of reading.

The L55 RtI Reference Guide created by the District RtI Committee describes the RtI process including intervention levels and staff involvement.


Laurens 55 Enrich RtI Handbook is a step-by-step guide for completing each phase of the RtI process in the Frontline/Enrich system.



What are they?  Here is a guide for teachers to help understand the differences between Strategies, Interventions, Accommodations, and Modifications.

Interventions are categorized below by reading area of concern by Tier of intervention intensity.  All interventions are also available through the RtI Program in Frontline/Enrich.

If you have additional research based interventions you would like the RtI Team to consider adding to our intervention bank please submit information using the Intervention Recommendation google form.

By Kathryn Black & Muri Howle

Rti Coordinator documents

RtI Meeting Minutes to document Tier 2 & 3 meeting discussions.

RtI Document Procedures for sending documents to Teaching & Learning.

RtI Transfer Procedures for students transferring within district.

Progress Monitoring tools

Directions and probes for specific grades can be accessed in the google drive by clicking one of the following links.

Letter Naming Fluency

Letter Sound Fluency

Phoneme Segmentation

Maze Comprehension

Oral Reading Fluency

High Frequency Word or Vocabulary


4 months ago

Laurens County 

Public Library

The Laurens County Public Library is located at 1017 West Main Street, Laurens, and we encourage all students and parents to sign up for a library card and take advantage of this wonderful community resource!

By Kathryn Black


about 1 year ago

Laurens County School District 55 supports the academic needs of our limited English proficient (ELP) students through various opportunities including pull out programs, push in programs, tutoring, and support for mainstreamed students and teachers.  

Upon enrollment, a home language survey is completed by the student or parent to determine if there is the influence of a language other than English.  This will identify any language other than English that are 

  • first learned or acquired by the student
  • used primarily in the home 

School guidance counselors (or staff assigned to duties related to enrolling students) in all school in Laurens County School District 55 will require the completion of a Home Language Survey which is to be signed by the parent.  If a parent is non-English or limited English speaking, a translation of the enrollment packet including the survey is provided to the extent practical.  

If a language other than English is identified in any of the Primary Home Language Survey responses, the student will be identified as a potential LEP student.  A language assessment is conducted by the ESOL teacher within ten days to determine language dominance and proficiency levels. 

               Useful for Teachers

By Kathryn Black


3 months ago

The district uses curriculum standards adopted by the South Carolina Board of Education.  These standards define what students will be taught, as well as what they should know, understand, and be able to do upon completion of a grade level or course.  Curriculum standards help to make sure that everyone knows the expectations for student learning.  State standardized tests are based on state standards.

By Kathryn Black


about 1 year ago


4 months ago

Curriculum - STEM - Visual & Performing Arts - ESOL - Title I - Gifted & Talented 

Guidance - Professional Development - Joe Adair Science Center - CDEP - Grants 

Induction - AVID - GEAR UP - 21st Century - CAT 

The District 55 Teaching & Learning Department is responsible for assessing, developing and evaluating curriculum, and providing for the continuous improvement of instruction.  We support administrators, teachers and other instructional personnel as they engage students in quality learning experiences leading to higher student achievement. We also provide opportunities that increase content knowledge and recognize best instructional practices for administrators, teachers, and support staff. 

Our office is located in the District Administrative Office Building at 301 Hillcrest Drive in Laurens.   You may contact the department at 864-984-3568. 

We stand ready to assist you! 

Dr. Ameca Thomas, 

Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning 

Jan Coleman, 

Administrative Assistant 

Joey Nichols, 

Administrative Assistant

Laurie Seawright, 

Instructional Programs Facilitator



4 months ago


Scholar & Montessori 

two options 

Laurens County School District 55 offers parents a choice of 2 tracks when enrolling their children - Scholar & Montessori. Parents have the option to choose which program will best suit the needs of their child.

Scholar Track

By Kathryn Black