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A Message from the Superintendent


Welcome to Laurens County School District 55, a school district focused on Creating a New Norm.  Believing that good is not good enough, we strive to be a great school district.  The students, parents, teachers, staff, and community of LCSD 55 all play a role in the operation and success of our system. 

LCSD 55 was recently named a District of Distinction and is one of only 45 districts in the nation to be selected for the designation.  Districts of Distinction is a national recognition program created to honor school districts that demonstrate the true meaning of excellence in education.   Districts selected to receive the award have developed exemplary programs to support students in their education and well beyond the classroom.  LCSD 55 was selected for promoting and developing soft skills through our Ladies and Gentlemen’s Clubs. 

The graduating class of 2018 received in excess of $10 million in scholarship funds.  We have set a goal for the class of 2019 to surpass that amount and receive at least $12 million. 

It has been said that literacy is the most basic currency of the knowledge economy.  Literacy has the ability to change a person’s opportunities in life and lead them to success they would not otherwise know.  With literacy as the foundation of LCSD 55, we support the International Literacy Association’s Children’s Right to Read.  We will continue the 30 for 30 reading initiative and ask that parents encourage students to read each day at home. 

A district five-year strategic plan is being developed and will be implemented during the 2018-2019 school year.  This plan will help facilitate an organizational structure that is aligned with the realities our students face daily.  In addition, we are launching a dropout prevention plan to reduce the L55 dropout rate which has been an issue for many years.  This plan will set the framework for achieving that which we know must be done.   

This is an exciting time in LCSD 55 and I encourage you to be involved in your community schools.  Thank you for your support!  

Stephen G. Peters, Ed.D. 


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